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11th International Conference on Substorms

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Datum: Sonntag, 2. bis Freitag, 7. September 2012
Ort: Hotel Bergström, Bei der Lüner Mühle, 21335 Lüneburg

Wissenschaftliche Vorbereitung: Karl-Heinz Glaßmeier ML (Braunschweig)

Never in the history of magnetospheric research have observational opportunities  been more exciting to unravel the physical processes leading the most spectacular phenomenon in our planet´s magnetosphere - the magnetospheric substorm. Four CLUSTER spacecraft and in particular the five THEMIS spacecraft as well as extended ground magnetometer arrays, ionospheric radar systems, and optical networks provide most detailed observations and data of the most complex dynamical feature of the magnetosphere.

During ICS-11 we are going to highlight the most recent results in substorm research. Topics covered aim at describing the substorm processes deeper in the tail, substorm mid-tail signatures, and near-Earth plasma instabilities, as well as auroral region displays and acceleration physics. Global and ionospheric substorm features shall be discussed with quantitative aspects triggering a debate on the importance of the substorm process for geospace and the coupling between its regions. Ample opportunity will be given for discussions on the new results.