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The Volkswagen Foundation is one of Germany’s largest private foundations for research promotion and is a funding body for scientific institutions. The National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina and the Volkswagen Foundation have been cooperation partners since 2014, jointly organising public Leopoldina lectures and scientific workshops.

Each year, the Leopoldina and the Volkswagen Foundation hold three public discussion evenings known as the Leopoldina Lectures in Herrenhausen. These events address socially relevant questions in the field of science, with a particular focus on topics addressed by active or completed Leopoldina working groups. Discussion evenings have been held, for example, on the topics of vaccinations, palliative care and early childhood socialisation.

A second series of events organised jointly by the Leopoldina and the Volkswagen Foundation is the workshop series entitled “Governance of Science: Strategies for the 21st Century”. In the first of these workshops, international experts discussed strategic issues surrounding science-based policy advice and the political parameters of science today. The topic of the second workshop of 2015 was the various methods of measuring scientific quality and the implications of such measurements on the science system.



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