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„European Calcium Channel Conference”

Wissenschaftliche Vorbereitung: Veit Flockerzi ML (Homburg), Prof. Jörg Striessnig ML (Innsbruck), Prof. Klaus Aktories ML (München)

Date: Wednesday, 16. to Saturday, 19. May 2012
Location: Congress Centrum Alpbach, A-6236 Alpbach 246, Österreich

The European Calcium Channel Conference 2012 focuses on voltage-gated calcium channels and other structurally related ion channels involved in calcium signaling in excitable cells. It brings together the leaders in the field and young researchers at a fantastic setting in the Austrian Alps to discuss the latest developments in ion channel research. Technical workshops, posters and social activities complement the meeting program. The European Calcium Channel Conference is organized every three years, alternating with the International Calcium Channel Conferences.

Registration closed on 15 March 2012.