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Policy Advice by the G8 Academies

Policy Advice by the G8 Academies

G8 Science Meeting, London, 12 June 2013. Image: Royal Society.

The advice and recommendations provided to the annual G8 summits of the heads of state of the world’s eight major economic powers are an important means of bringing pooled scientific expertise into the international political debate.

Before each G8 summit, the G8 members’ national science academies look at urgent issues relating to the summit agenda that also carry wider implications and require a multi-lateral approach. For example, at the 2007 G8 summit in Heiligendamm, the academies led by the Leopoldina presented recommendations on sustainability, energy efficiency and climate protection as advise for the policy-making process.

The academies’ recommendations are published prior to each summit and feed into each country’s political proceedings. Increasing global interdependence has led to more countries being invited to these summits and this has also been reflected by the range of academies involved. In recent years, alongside the Academies of the G8 states Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, Russia and the United States further science academies amongst them those from South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, India, and Senegal have contributed to the preparation of scientific recommendations.



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