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Principles for Press Releases

1. Press releases are occasioned by a particular event; activities or publications by the Leopoldina that are especially or currently newsworthy are the main occasions. Other contemporary events that originate apart from the Leopoldina will also precipitate press work, for instance the dispatch of an expert list.

2. Press releases provide comprehensive, transparent, candid and accurate information about events and topics. They should arouse interest in the readers and appeal to them emotionally. The use of exaggeration for this purpose is not acceptable.

3. Each topic addressed in press releases should be placed in its proper societal and scientific context to the greatest possible degree.

4. Press releases should be written in a manner that is readily understandable. Technical terms should be used as little as possible and be always clarified. The releases should contain short sentences.

5. Readers of press releases should be able to recognize that it is not “pure truths” that are being imparted but rather that there are indeed opposing views about which further information is available. Science should be characterized as a process in which findings are constantly being revised.

6. Statements and directives found in press releases should be accredited by name and accompanied by links to the corresponding sources. In particular, if reference is made to a scientific publication, that source must be identified.

7. In press releases about the publications of science-based policy advice it must be made clear to the reader what the role of policy advice is; for example, the difference between identifying potential courses of action versus making actual recommendations.

8. Press releases must adequately depict the roles that other institutions have played in any events or publications.



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