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Prof. Dr.

David Milstein

Wahljahr: 2006
Sektion: Chemie
Stadt: Rehovot
Land: Israel


The Milstein lab has contributed significantly to fundamental organometallic chemistry and to the development of novel homogeneously catalyzed processes. The group has performed pioneering research in the area of activation of inert chemical bonds by insertion of metal complexes into them, including the first demonstration of the activation of a strong carbon-carbon bond by metal insertion and the first catalytic activation of notoriously inert C-F bonds by metal complexes.

Recently, Milstein invented a novel mode of bond activation, using pincer complexes, which has led to a series of new catalytic “green” reactions, such as conversion of primary alcohols to esters and H2, mild hydrogenation of esters, carbonates, carbamates and ureas, and the synthesis of amides, polyamides and peptides by coupling alcohols with amines, liberating H2. A new approach to water splitting with light, based on consecutive thermal H2 and photochemical O2 generation was demonstrated.




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