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Prof. Dr.

Volkmar Braun

Wahljahr: 2008
Sektion: Mikrobiologie und Immunologie
Stadt: Tübingen
Land: Deutschland
CV Volkmar Braun - Deutsch (pdf)
CV Volkmar Braun - Englisch (pdf)


Volkmar Braun made major contributions to the understanding of bacterial outer membrane structure and function. He discovered and characterized the first lipoprotein with covalently linked lipid which became a model protein for the study of protein secretion and activation of the immune system. He discovered and characterized multifunctional outer membrane proteins which serve as receptors for viruses and protein toxins and which are energy-coupled transporters for iron complexes. Transport requires a novel transfer of energy from the cytoplasmic membrane into the outer membrane and is regulated by a novel transmembrane transcription control.

His work explains how bacteria cope with the extreme iron deficiency in the human host. Iron transport systems contribute to the virulence of pathogens. Furthermore, his work contributed substantially to the knowledge of the import, export and mode of action of bacterial protein toxins. He showed that the diversity of these toxins is derived from the genetic exchange of DNA fragments that precisely encode functional domains.


  • since 1974 Professor for microbiology at the University of Tuebingen, Germany
  • 1972 Head of an independent research group at the Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin, Germany
  • 1972 Habilitation at the University of Tuebingen, Germany
  • 1965 Ph.D. at the University of Munich , Germany
  • 1957-1962 Study of Chemistry at the Universities of Freiburg and Munich, Germany


  • 1974-2012 Member and speaker of three Collaborative Research Centers, a Research Center and a graduate school of the German Science Foundation


  • 1981-1982 Member of the Executive Board of the German Society of Hygiene and Microbiology

Honours and Memberships

  • 2008 Member of the Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, Germany
  • 2007 Max Planck Fellow
  • 2005 Honorary doctor of the Medical Fakulty of the University of Wuerzburg, Germany
  • 1998 Member of the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences, Germany
  • 1994 Robert Koch Award
  • 1982 Award of the German Society of Hygiene and Microbiology




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