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Andreas Barner on 10 Years National Academy

Andreas Barner on 10 Years National Academy

Image: David Ausserhofer

“In its first ten years as the German National Academy of Sciences the Leopoldina´s carefully thought-out, scientifically verifiable and clearly formulated position statements have been instrumental in forming the sound basis necessary for any discussions or debates about the difficult issues of our times and in doing so have substantially improved the political dialogue within the society at large. Congratulations for ten years of important work and many thanks in advance for the continuation of the same.”


Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Barner

President of the Stifterverband

The cooperation between the Stifterverband and the Leopoldina has intensified over the years, particularly with regards to the organization of the yearly Research Summit. Both institutions worked together with other companies and organizations to find solutions to healthcare in the region through the initiative “Gemeinsam für unsere Gesundheit”, which submitted its final report in 2017.



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