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Uta Frith on 10 Years National Academy

Uta Frith on 10 Years National Academy

“A history that is several centuries long has furnished the gravitas and prestige that has enabled the Leopoldina to rise as National Academy rapidly in influence and reputation, able to advise policy makers in the most challenging questions of our time. The unique feature of the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina compared to her sister academies in other countries, is her inclusiveness: Nowhere else can you find a more diverse range of disciplines, skills and languages, all represented at the highest level of expertise.”

Prof. Dr. Uta Frith

Professor emeritus of Cognitive Development at the University College London, UK, member of the Leopoldina and member of the Senate of the Leopoldina

Uta Frith is an ad personam member of the Senate and has been a member of the Leopoldina since 2008. Moreover, she is active in the Scientific Advisory Board of the Leopoldina Centre for Science Studies. The psychologist developed a neuropsychological approach to the study of cognitive developmental disorders that overturned previously held concepts, particularly those regarding autism and dyslexia. Uta Frith has also made important contributions to reading and writing acquisition research with her innovative explanatory models as well as significant additions to empirical pedagogical research in general.



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