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Joint Committee on Dual Use

Georg Speyer Haus

Institution Georg Speyer Haus
Contact Mr. Dr. Stefan Stein
position Koordination Biologische Sicherheit
Street and Number Paul-Ehrlich-Str. 42-44
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Zip 60596
City Frankfurt
Mail s.stein@gsh.uni-frankfurt.de
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Competent Committee (or prior establishment Committee) bei Bedarf Ad-hoc-Kommission
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Office of the Joint Committee for the Handling of Security-Relevant Research

Dr. Johannes Fritsch

Dr. Johannes Fritsch

Head of Office

Tel.0160 9121 2676


Dr. Anita Krätzner-Ebert

Dr. Anita Krätzner-Ebert

Scientific Officer

Tel.0175 - 293 3935

Dr. Ingrid Ohlert

Contact at the German Research Foundation

Tel.0228 - 885 - 2258
Fax.0228 - 885 - 2777