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Leopoldina Early Career Award

Leopoldina Early Career Award

In autumn 2016, Lena Henningsen received the award for her excellent work in the field of sinology.

Since 2010, the Leopoldina Early Career Award der Commerzbank Stiftung is awarded for outstanding achievements by junior scientists in a field represented by the Leopoldina, valued at €30,000. The prize replaces the Leopoldina-Forschungspreis – donated by the Commerzbank-Stiftung as well – that was awarded for exceptional scientific work in one of the fields represented by the Leopoldina until 2007.

Year Laureate City Discipline
2018 Xiaoxiang Zhu (born 1984) Munich Ingenieurwissenschaften
2016 Lena Henningsen (born 1978) Freiburg (Br.) Sinologie
2014 Carsten Grashoff (born 1977) Martinsried Biochemie
2012 Thomas Mölg (born 1977) Berlin Geowissenschaften
2010 Christian Kubisch (born 1967) Ulm Humangenetik


Between 2001 and 2007, this award was presented to young scientists. It was valued at €15,000. The prize money could be spent to foster scientific research at the discretion of the laureates.

Year Laureate City Discipline
2007 Nikolaus Pfanner (born 1956) Freiburg Humanmedizin
2005 Bernd Bukau (born 1954) Heidelberg Biochemie/Biophysik
2003 Heike L. Pahl (born 1966) Molekularbiologie/Genetik
2001 Adriano Aguzzi (born 1960) Zurich Pathologie und Rechtsmedizin




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