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Certificate of appointment 2008. Photo: Jens Schlüter for the Leopoldina

News | Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Ten years of science based policy advice

On 14 July 2008 the Leopoldina was designated as the German National Academy of Sciences by the Joint Science Conference of the German federal and state governments. Since then it has worked together with the Union of German Academies ...

News | Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Leopoldina-Expert-Group calls for stricter approval procedures for plant protection products

A number of chemical plant protection products, also known as pesticides, show harmful effects on ecosystems and biodiversity in their current use. Besides climate change, changes in global nutrient cycles and habitat destruction through altered land-use, the utilization ...

News | Thursday, 17 Mai 2018

Science Academies adress G7 countries with statements

The global Arctic is being profoundly transformed by climate change, with implications on terrestrial and marine ecosystems, affecting those who live on and from them. At the same time, the promises and challenges of the digital revolution continue to expand and ...

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