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Environment and ecology in green concept - 3d illustration

Climate neutrality: RNE and Leopoldina call for swift action

The German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina and the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) have published a joint position paper ... More

Vaccinations – Effective Protection against Infectious Diseases

Vaccinations are the most effective means of protection against infectious diseases. Research, development, and production ... More about the topic

G7 Summit: Science academies have submitted three statements

How can biodiversity decline be reversed, how can greenhouse gas emissions be reduced to net zero, and how can health data be internationally ... More

Leopoldina advocates free access to gene databases for researchers

Genetic information can be rapidly decoded using high-throughput methods and made available in openly accessible Digital Sequence Information (DSI)... More

Recommendations for fair and regulated access to a COVID-19 vaccine

The first COVID-19 vaccines could be authorised as early as the start of 2021. ... More

Pandemics: Emergence, Spread, Containment

There have always been pandemics: The plague and the Spanish flu with millions of deaths, later AIDS… More about the topic
Side view of young man and woman in medical masks standing near carriage in subway

Leopoldina appeals to federal and state governments

Since the end of July, the number of new infections with the coronavirus has been on the rise again in Germany.... More
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