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Back issues of Leopoldina news can be found here. You may subscribe to the newsletter by clicking the link on the right. The Leopoldina Newsletter keeps you informed on central topics and activities of the Academy. These are primarily statements and recommendations of the science-based policy advice as well as cooperations and events in Germany and worldwide.

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  • Leopoldina news 4/2020

    The Leopoldina Newsletter keeps you informed about the Academy’s key topics and activities such as statements and recommendations of the science-based advice for policy makers as well as national and ...

  • Leopoldina news 3/2020

    The new issue of the Leopoldina Newsletter has been published. This time it reviews the fourth ad-hoc-statment on the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, the newsletter focuses on the G7 statements and...

  • Leopoldina news 2/2020

    Leopoldina aktuell informs in issue 2/2020 about the recommendations of Leopoldina on the coronavirus pandemic and the statement “Additive manufacturing”. Furthermore, there is a review of the term of...

  • Leopoldina news 1/2020

    Scriber: Nobel Prize winner Ben Feringa holds Leopoldina Lecture Further topics: Leopoldina’s Senate elects Gerald Haug as new PresidentRecommendations for differentiated Regulation of gene-edited ...

  • Leopoldina news 6/2019

    Content: Cognitive Enhancement: Providing a basis for a more rational, more open, and more realistic discussion Further topics: Beijing Declaration on Basic ScienceConference on Ernst Haeckel’s work...

  • Leopoldina news 5/2019

    Content: Annual Assembly of the Leopoldina: Time in Nature and Culture from an interdisciplinary perspectiveFurther topics: Nobel Prize Dialogue: Nobel Prize Laureates discuss the topic of health in ...

  • Leopoldina news 4/2019

    Content: Crossing Boundaries in Science: Conference on the construction and perception of risks Further topics: Annual Assembly: “Time in Nature and Culture” is the event topicWestern Balkans Proces...

  • Leopoldina news 3/2019


    Content: German national clean air strategy recommended: Leopoldina’s statement on nitrogen oxides and particulate matterFurther topics: Joint statements of the G7 science academies: Focused on theme...

  • Leopoldina aktuell 2/2019

    Inhalt: Zukunft des Europäischen Forschungsraums: Leopoldina und Leibniz-Gemeinschaft richten Forum Future Europe ausWeitere Themen: Allianz der Wissenschaftsorganisationen: 70 Jahre Grundgesetz un...

  • Leopoldina aktuell 1/2019

    Inhalt: Deutscher Zukunftspreis für Helga Rübsamen-SchaeffWeitere Themen: Forschungsgipfel zu Künstlicher Intelligenz: Wissenschaft, Politik und Wirtschaft diskutierenKoreanische Akademie besucht L...



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