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Partial Differential Equations and their Applications

More 'Partial Differential Equations and their Applications'

Joint symposium by the Academy of Sciences of South Africa (ASSAf), the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and the Leopoldina

Date: Wednesday, 9 to Friday, 11 March 2016
Location: Stellenbosch Institute of Advanced Studies, Stias Vineyard, 7600, Stellenbosch, South Africa

The theory of partial differential equations (PDE’s) started with the introduction of calculus. Many of the physical laws can be formulated as PDE’s and as a consequence the theory became an important tool in engineering and the natural sciences. Within mathematics, PDE’s have deep applications in dynamics, geometry, and mathematical physics, often revealing surprising relationships between different areas. The theory is as diverse as the different fields it touches. It profits immensely from these interactions, witnessed by the vibrancy of the discipline. The symposium will present some of the recent developments.

The symposium is organised jointly by the Academy of Sciences of South Africa (ASSAf), Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and Leopoldina. The multilateral event provides a platform for scientific exchange among senior and young scientists from BRICS-States and Germany in the field of mathematics. It is coordinated by Professor Helmut Hofer, Princeton, on the side of the Leopoldina, and Professor Fritz Hahne, Stellenbosch, from ASSAf’s side.

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Further information

The symposium addresses a professional audience and is free of charge. To register, please, send an email to Zuki Mpiyakhe at ASSAf: zuki@assaf.org.za


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