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Biodiversity and the Future of Variety

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Opening Ceremony of the Annual Assembly 2019 (Markus Scholz)

Annual Assembly of the Leopoldina

Date: Friday, 25 to Saturday, 26 September 2020
Location: Leopoldina, Jägerberg 1, 06108 Halle (Saale)

In 2020, the Leopoldina is dedicating its Annual Assembly to the topic of “Biodiversity and the Future of Variety”. From 25–26 September, scientists will come together in Halle (Saale) to discuss the importance of biological diversity and how it can be preserved in the future.

The scientific coordinator of the Annual Assembly 2020 is Prof. Dr. Ulf-Ingo Flügge. The biologist is Head of the Section Organismic and Evolutionary Biology of the Leopoldina.

Further information on the programme will follow.

Further information and registration

The Annual Assembly is open to members of the Leopoldina as well as everyone interested. Registration is mandatory. A link to the registration will follow shortly.



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