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Genomics of Convergent Evolution: Patterns and Processes of Repeated Speciation and Parallel Adaptation

More 'Genomics of Convergent Evolution: Patterns and Processes of Repeated Speciation and Parallel Adaptation'


Date: Friday, 6 to Monday, 9 August 2021
Location: Hotel St. Elisabeth, Konradistr. 1, 78476 Hegne/Allensbach

That evolution occasionally repeats itself – termed convergent evolution - was already known
to Charles Darwin. Only recently has it become possible, in a small number of ecological model systems, to identify the evolutionary histories, genes, and genomic changes, that underlie repeated parallel speciation of similar species and the iterative evolution of convergent adaptations.

In this symposium experts are brought together who have been at the forefront of new technical and conceptual developments in the genomics of species differences, repeated speciation and parallel adaptations. Experts on several biological disciplines are invited: on the connection of development and evolution (evo-devo), ecological genetics, molecular phylogenetics, biodiversity and biogeography. Communication between evolutionary biologists, experts in bioinformatics and genome researchers often still is less than perfect and would surely benefit from the exchange of ideas and mutual exposures to methodologies.

The symposium is co-sponsored by the Leopoldina.

Further information and Registration

The event addresses a professional audience. Registration is mandatory.


Prof. Dr. Axel Meyer
Universität Konstanz
Email: axel.meyer@uni-konstanz.de
Tel: 07531 88 4163




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