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The Leopoldina Fellowship Programme also includes a mentoring programme. All research fellows are welcome to participate in this programme.

The Leopoldina’s mentoring programme works by putting research fellows (mentees) in contact with Academy members (mentors) from appropriate sections who can supervise and advise them. Mentoring is also available for postdoctoral research fellows carrying out their projects abroad and for returning research fellows. It provides research fellows with personal and specialised advice, while still respecting their scientific independence.

Implementation options

  • A mentee proposes as a mentor a member of the Leopoldina with whom he or she has already established contact.
  • The allocation committee assigns the research fellow to a suitable mentor. This person is generally the Leopoldina member supporting the application or a scientist suggested by representatives of the relevant section.
  • Former Leopoldina research fellows with similar specialisations may also act as mentors and can thus be assigned by the allocation committee.

The allocation committee must authorise the mentor-mentee relationship. Mentors can provide research fellows with appropriate, tailored advice and suggest useful contacts at institutes and in industry. The Leopoldina Fellowship Programme may provide a limited travel allowance to facilitate meetings between mentor and mentee.


  • Mentees receive useful reports, evaluations and references from their mentors.
  • Mentees are invited to specialist conferences by their mentors.
  • Mentees can be involved in their mentors’ institutions for the period when they are participating in the mentoring programme.
  • Mentees have a permanent contact to their home country’s scientific community while carrying out their research project abroad.
  • Mentor and mentee can stay in contact even after the funding has come to an end.
  • Mentors also play a role during follow-up funding of previous scholarship recipients.
  • The Leopoldina organises an annual get-together for past and present research fellows during the relevant Academy class meetings.
  • The Leopoldina helps returning research fellows to find a job in Germany.
  • The Academy invites former research fellows to relevant specialist conferences organised by the Leopoldina.
  • Research fellows receive support and training to further develop the skills needed in their field.



PD Dr. Andreas Clausing

Coordinator of the Fellowship Programme

Phone 0345 - 47 239 - 150
Fax 0345 - 47 239 - 139
E-Mail andreas.clausing @leopoldina.org