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International Partner Academies

Since the Leopoldina was appointed the German National Academy of Sciences in 2008, it has served as the voice of German science in the international dialogue between academies and thus plays an important role in global scientific exchange and advising international policy.

The Leopoldina maintains close relations with science academies on all continents. It has signed cooperation agreements with different strategic partners, in order to foster and promote international scientific exchange. Currently, cooperation agreements exist with the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Indian National Academy of Sciences, the Korean Academy of Science and Technology, the French Académie des sciences, the Academy of Science of South Africa, the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, the Polish Academy of Sciences and with the Network of African Science Academies.

Examples of jointly organised conferences include the symposium “Human-Centered Assistive Robotics“ (October 2014) and a symposium of the Leopoldina and the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities on “Advances in Research on Neurodegenerative Disease with a Focus on Dementias“ (May 2015). In a cooperation project with the Network of African Science Academies the Leopoldina provides science-based policy advice in the areas water management, biotechnology, climate change adaptation as well as health.



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