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Leopoldina cooperation with NASAC

Project for the improvement of the dialogue between science and policy in Africa

Leopoldina cooperation with NASAC

The German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina is cooperating with the Network of African Science Academies (NASAC) in a project which is supported by the German Ministry of Education and Research for four years. Main goal of this cooperation is the strengthening of the African academy network and by this means consequently the strengthening the individual member academies of NASAC as well.


With the help of this cooperation not only the dialogue between African and German scientists shall be initiated but also the dialogue between African Scientists and political stakeholders. This aim is based on the assumption that African Science Academies - as a politically and financially independent voice of excellent science in Africa - play a special role in the development of regions on the continent.

During the project duration four so called "science-policy conferences" will be used to link Leopoldina and NASAC members about the topics "water", "health", "adaptation to climate change" and "biotechnology" which are highly relevant in Africa. Afterwards science-based recommendations for policy advice are to be developed. Furthermore, a number of trainings as well as a directed "Capacity Building Programme" offer academy members as well as academy staff the opportunity to strengthen their competences and resources in the field of science organisation.

Moreover, this cooperation between German and African science academies will help to form a "pool" of reliable and independent African scientists of excellence, whose competences may be resorted to during the planning of other research cooperation in Africa. For this reason, the Leopoldina aims at a linkage with other relevant African science projects supported by the Federal Republic of Germany during the duration of the project with NASAC.

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