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Prof. Dr.

Nicolas Moussiopoulos

Year of election: 2002
Section: Engineering Sciences
City: Thessaloniki
Country: Greece
CV Nicolas Moussiopoulos - English (PDF)


Main research interests: Air quality assessments, air pollutants, atmospheric transport processes

Nicolas Moussiopoulos is an internationally reputed air pollution researcher. He co-ordinated the development of suitable mathematical modelling systems capable of simulating air pollutant dispersion in the atmosphere, first as a research group leader at the Universität Karlsruhe and, since 1990, as the Head of the Laboratory of Heat Transfer and Environmental Engineering of the Aristotle University Thessaloniki.

These modelling systems were successfully utilised to describe atmospheric transport and transformation processes, and they also proved to be useful in the frame of air quality assessments for various European cities. These assessments are prerequisites for optimising air pollution abatement strategies and, when required, for formulating action plans. Furthermore, Moussiopoulos developed efficient methods for describing scale interaction processes and he also contributed to the formulation of innovative mathematical model validation procedures.


  • since 2010 Deputy Chairman of the Governing Board and Dean of the School of Economics & Business Administration, International Hellenic University, Greece
  • 2006-2010 Dean of the School of Engineering, Aristotle University Thessaloniki, Greece
  • 2003-2007, Chairman of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Aristotle University Thessaloniki, Greece
  • 1997-1999 Chairman of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Aristotle University Thessaloniki, Greece
  • since 1989 Professor and Director of the Laboratory of Heat Transfer and Environmental Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Aristotle University Thessaloniki, Greece
  • 1989 Habilitation, University Karlsruhe, Germany
  • 1986-1987 Associate Lecture at the Comprehensive University Kassel, Germany
  • 1983-1989 Lecturer and Leader of the Research Group on Atmospheric Transport Phenomena, School of Mechanical Engineering, University Karlsruhe, Germany
  • 1982 Promotion an der University Karlsruhe, Germany
  • 1973-1978 Studium des Maschinenbaus, University Karlsruhe, Germany


  • 2008-2011 FP7 Project MEGAPOLI (Megapoli-Megacities: Emissions, urban, regional and Global atmospheric pollution and climate effects, and integrated tools for assessment and mitigation)
  • 2004-2009 FP6 Network of Excellence ACCENT (Atmospheric Composition Change: A European Network)
  • 2001-2010 European Environment Agency’s European Topic Centre on Air and Climate Change


  • since 2018 Member of the scientific council of the Hellenic Foundation of Research & Innovation
  • since 2012 Associate Editor, Royal Society’s Philosophical Transactions A
  • since 2011 Full member, Sectoral Council for Engineering, National Research Council    
  • 2005-2010 Greek representative in COST’s Domain Committee on Earth System Science and Environmental Management
  • 1998-2001 Full Member, National Research Council    
  • 1994-2001 Member of the Scientific Board of the National Observatory of Athens, Greece

Honours and Memberships

  • 2008 Excellence and Innovation Award, Aristotle University Thessaloniki, Greece
  • 2002 the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • 1996 Honorary Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering, University Karlsruhe, Germany
  • 1990 Heinrich Hertz Award
  • 1988 Support within DFG’s (German Research Foudnation) “Gerhard Hess” Program




Emil-Abderhalden-Str. 35
06108 Halle (Saale)

Phone 0345 - 47 239 - 122
Fax 0345 - 47 239 - 139
E-Mail archiv @leopoldina.org

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