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Professor Dr

Horst Kessler

Year of election: 2002
Section: Chemistry
City: Garching
Country: Germany


Horst Kessler is known for his work in two main fields: development of new NMR technologies and application to determine structure and dynamics of biomolecules (cyclic peptides, drugs, proteins and their interactions) as well as in peptide chemistry and drug development by conversion of peptides into small molecular drugs. In recent years one focus of his research was the development of highly active end selective ligands for different integrin receptor subtypes. The cyclic pentapeptide “Cilengitide” from the Kessler group is now in Clinical Phase III as inhibitor of angiogenesis for tumours. Further applications are the coating of biomaterials and its use for Molecular Imaging to localise tumour metastasis.




Emil-Abderhalden-Str. 35
06108 Halle (Saale)

Phone 0345 - 47 239 - 122
Fax 0345 - 47 239 - 139
E-Mail archiv (at)leopoldina.org

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