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Photo: Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut

Prof. Dr.

Thomas C. Mettenleiter

Year of election: 2000
Section: Veterinary Medicine
City: Insel Riems
Country: Germany
Thomas Mettenleiter leitet internationales Gremium zur Pandemieprävention
CV Thomas C. Mettenleiter - Deutsch (PDF)
CV Thomas C. Mettenleiter - Englisch (PDF)


Main Research Interests: Molecular biology of animal viruses

Besides studies on the basic processes of virus-host interaction experiments focus on the development of novel vaccines using molecular techniques.

Thomas Mettenleiter researches primarily on herpes viruses, in particular herpes viruses of animals. His scientific studies on the molecular biology and pathogenesis of animal herpes viruses provided important results to the understanding of the structure, replication, virulence and tropism of herpes viruses and for the development of novel vaccines.

His results contributed significantly to the first development of marked vaccines and, thus, for the efficient control and eradication of Aujeszky's disease in pigs.


  • since 2019 Honorary Professor for Virology in livestock farming at University of Rostock, Germany
  • since 1997 Extraordinary Professor at Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University Greifswald, Germany
  • since 1997 President of the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut, Federal Research Institute for Animal Health, Greifswald, Insel Riems (formerly Federal Research Centre for Virus Diseases of Animals, Tübingen, Germany)
  • 1994-2018 Head of the Institute of Molecular Virology and Biology (IMVZ), Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut, Greifswald, Insel Riems (formerly Federal Research Centre for Virus Diseases of Animals, Tübingen, Germany)
  • 1990 Habilitation (Postdoctoral lecture qualification) at the Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, Germany
  • since 1988 Group leader at Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut
  • 1986-1987 Postdoc, Department of Microbiology, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, USA
  • 1985 Ph.D. at Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, Germany
  • 1983-1985 Scientist at the Federal Research Centre for Virus Diseases of Animals, Tübingen, Germany
  • 1977-1982 Studies of Biology at Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, Germany


  • since 2021 Chairman of the Panel on Pandemic Prevention “One Health High Level Expert Panel”, WHO, OIE, FAO and UNEP
  • since 2014 Serial Editor, Advances of Virus Research
  • since 2010 Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Institute for Animal Health, Pirbright, UK
  • since 2009 Member of the BioEconomyCouncil
  • since 2009 Member of the scientific commission for animal diseases of the OIE (SCAD)
  • since 2009 Member of the external advisory board of the Zoonosis Platform
  • since 2007 Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Centre for Veterinary Public Health, Leipzig University
  • since 1998 Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Paul Ehrlich Institute, Langen


  • since 2017 DELTA-FLU – Dynamics of avian influenza in a changing world
  • 2010-2015 PHÄNOMICS – Competence Network in Agricultural and Nutritional Research
  • 2011-2013 FLUPIG – Pathogenesis and Transmission in Pigs
  • 2006-2012 EPIZONE European Network of Excellence for Epizootic Disease Diagnosis and Control
  • 2005-2012 DFG SPP 1175 “Dynamics of Cellular Membranes and their Exploitation by Viruses”, Project “Molecular mechanisms of primary and secondary envelopment in herpes virus morphogenesis” (regularly DFG projects since 1986)
  • 2006-2009 Research program Influenza

Honours and Memberships

  • 2014 Robert von Ostertag-Plakette, Deutsche Bundestierärztekammer
  • 2014 Greifswald Research Award
  • since 2011 Membre correspondant (étranger) of the Académie royale de Médecine de Belgique
  • 2010 Rubenow Medal of the Hanseatic and University City Greifswald
  • since 2009 Member of the Polish Academy of Sciences
  • since 2008 Member of the Academy of Sciences in Hamburg
  • 2007 Doctor medicinae veterinariae honoris causa of the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover
  • 2007 Martin Lerche research award of the German Veterinary Medical Society
  • since 2000 Member of the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina
  • 1993 Medal in commemoration of Aladár Aujeszky, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Budapest




Emil-Abderhalden-Str. 35
06108 Halle (Saale)

Phone 0345 - 47 239 - 122
Fax 0345 - 47 239 - 139
E-Mail archiv @leopoldina.org

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