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Round Table Discussion on Antibiotics Research

Antibiotics are becoming less and less effective against the growing number of infections caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria across the globe. Successful treatment of infected patients has for this reason become more and more difficult. One of the hurdles in the fight against resistant bacteria is the shortage of newly developed antibiotics. The Academy of Sciences in Hamburg and the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina have invited representatives from the scientific community, politics and industry to join in a round table discussion in order to develop strategies for overcoming this deficiency.

The impulse for the round table discussion came from the policy statement “Antibiotic Research: Problems and Perspectives”, which was mutually released by both academies at the beginning of 2013. In it, the experts recommended the forming of a committee that would include all the relevant parties. This round table discussion considers itself as supplementary to other symposiums dealing with the complex topic of antibiotic resistance such as the German Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy (DART).

According to the assessment of the WHO, the worldwide appearance of antibiotic resistant bacteria presents one of the greatest dangers to human health. Estimates put the yearly number of deaths from infections caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria at 25,000 patients within the EU alone.

The first Round Table Discussion took place on 13 November 2013. It was focussed on current issues of antibiotics research and approaches in developing new antibiotics.

Participants of the first Round Table Discussion on 13 November 2013

Two workshops in early 2014 discussed the relationship between human and veterinary medicine and solutions for the development of new antibiotics. On 27 March 2015, the second Round Table Discussion on antibiotics research was organised. Documentations of the workshops are available for downloading.

Participants of the second Round Table Discussion on 27 March 2015



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