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Science Year 2013 – The Demographic Opportunity

Science Year 2013 – The Demographic Opportunity

The Science Year 2013 was dedicated to Demographic Change. Core aspects of change in society – “We are growing older. There are fewer of us. We will be more diverse” – were discussed in a number of events such as the Bürgerkonferenzen all over Germany. In recent years, the joint academy groups “Aging in Germany” and “Future with Children” have already drawn up statements and recommendations on these topics.

On February 26, 2013, Johanna Wanka, the Federal Minister of Education and Research, presided over the opening of the Science Year 2013 “The Demographic Opportunity” in the Museum für Naturkunde (Natural History) Berlin. At the same time, the exhibition “Life Tomorrow: The Demographic Opportunity”, which was financed by BMBF and designed by the Leibniz Association, was opened to the general public.

The National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina has continued its participation in the Science Year program by putting on a number of events. The complex of themes “Demographics and Society” has long been a focus of the work being done by working groups and scientific commissions at Leopoldina. For example, in a cooperative effort with the German Academy of Engineering acatech and the Jacobs Foundation, the volume “More Years, More Life” was published. Another case in point is the brochure brought out in 2012 titled “A Future with Children”, a report produced in cooperation with the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities and the Jacobs Foundation.

The National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina has contributed to the Program of the Science Year with the following events:

Fishbowl Discussion „Geistig fit im Alter“
Monday, 22 April, 19 h

Fishbowl Discussion „Seniorenresidenz für alle? Unsere Stadt der Zukunft“
Wednesday, 12 June, 19 h

Fishbowl Discussion „Mehr Zeit, mehr Geld, mehr Betreuung. Wie gelingt Deutschland eine Zukunft mit Kindern?“
Friday, 5 July, 21 h
Halle (Saale)

Fishbowl Discussion „Sicher oder überwacht? Selbstbestimmtes Leben im Alter”
Wednesday, 11 September, 19 h

Leopoldina Discussion „Perspektiven auf das Alter“
Thursday, 17 October, 18 h
Halle (Saale)

Fishbowl Discussion „Ich bleibe zu Hause - Selbstbestimmtes Leben im Alter“
Thursday, 24 October

Fishbowl Discussion „Alt + krank = arm? Können wir unsere Gesundheit noch bezahlen?“
Friday, 25 October, 18 h
Halle (Saale)

Leopoldina Discussion „Lebenslanges Lernen“
Monday, 4 November, 18 h

Fishbowl Discussion „Pensionäre bei der Arbeit - Wie funktioniert Integrationspolitik?“
Wednesday, 13 November

Leopoldina Discussion „(neue) Formen des sozialen Lebens“
Wednesday, 4 December, 18 h
Halle (Saale)



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