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Science Year 2014 - The Digital Society

Science Year 2014 - The Digital Society

Digital technologies play an important role in our lives whether in everyday household devices, in communication, in science or in industry. The “Science Year 2014“ was dedicated to the topic “The Digital Society”. The rapid developments taking place in this sector were the focus of national at-tention in 2014. What opportunities do they present? What questions do they raise?

Digital identities, digital economy, digital research. These are just three of the numerous topics on which citizens were able to obtain information at the various events of the “Year of Science 2014 -  The Digital Society”. In addition, they were invited to participate in panel discussions and express their opinions about the issues surrounding the digital future.

As in previous years, the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina contributed to the educational program by organizing several events. In the process, experts provided insights into current research projects – those in which digital technology is being further developed and others which accompany digital change and its consequences for society.

Further Information

Website of the Science Year 2014 - The digital Society

Leopoldina List of Experts “Digitalisierte Gesellschaft” (German)



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