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Science Year 2018 - Working Life of the Future

Science Year 2018 - Working Life of the Future

Technical progress is changing the way we work. Digitalization is altering job profiles and work places, new work-time models influence our coexistence. Artificial intelligence increasingly shapes the daily work routine and brings new opportunities as well as challenges for society. What will work be like in the future? How does a society prepare for a changing working life? What is the role of science in the design of new work environments?

In the year of science 2018, scientists are looking for models of the work environment of tomorrow and seek to figure out what seems unimaginable today. Under the motto “Experience. Learn. Shape.“ citizens are invited to participate in the dialogue on the working environment of the future. Various science, research, business and political organizations are offering a series of events on the topic this year.

For the occasion of the “Science Year 2018“, the Leopoldina presents a list of experts. It includes a selection of scientists, members of the Leopoldina, who have agreed to serve as contacts for research and interviews on various topics relating to the work environment of the future.



Elmar König

Head of Department Science – Policy – Society, Head of Berlin Office

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