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Wissenschaftsjahr 2019 – Künstliche Intelligenz

Wissenschaftsjahr 2019 – Künstliche Intelligenz

Computers defeat humans in a game of chess, analyze complex data in a matter of seconds and even help with the diagnosis of diseases: Artificial intelligence (AI) makes all this possible. It holds the potential to support people and improve many areas of our lives. At the same time, every artificial intelligence needs limits. After all, it must serve humankind and follow legal and ethical guidelines. To ensure success, it is important to discuss the opportunities and risks of AI early on.

With this Science Year, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research would like to inform and initiate dialogues between citizens and leading representatives from science, politics, business, and society. Particular importance is placed on privacy and data protection. On the one hand, artificial intelligence needs certain data to learn but the anonymity of all training data must be ensured at the same time. Societal dialogue is needed to answer the question of how this might be achieved.

On the occasion of the Science Year, the Leopoldina is presenting a list of experts on the subject. The overview includes a selection of scientists, all members of the Leopoldina, who have agreed to be available for inquiries and interviews on various topics of artificial intelligence.



Elmar König

Head of Department Science – Policy – Society, Head of Berlin Office

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