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Standing Committees of the Leopoldina

Standing Committees of the Leopoldina

The Academy has permanent standing committees that comprise high-ranking scientists, as well as prominent figures from industry and society. As experts in their field, they follow the scientific and social debate on issues that are important for the future and develop suggestions for topics on which the Leopoldina can provide useful policy advice.

The standing committees serve as the hub of the Academy’s activities in
each respective field. The standing committees regularly communicate
with the sections, classes and working groups.



Elmar König

Head of Department Science – Policy – Society, Head of Berlin Office

Phone 030 - 203 8997 - 460
Fax 030 - 203 8997 - 409
E-Mail elmar.koenig @leopoldina.org

Classes and Sections

The members of the Leopoldina are organized in 28 sections that are grouped in four classes.