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Science in the Health Care System

The solidarity-financed health care system in Germany serves three primary purposes: First, it should guarantee basic care for everyone; second, it should provide patients with the treatment they require according to the approved state of medical knowledge; third, it should counteract diseases and health problems preventively. On that basis, available financial, material, and human resources to the health care system are to be used responsibly.

The health care system, as we know it today, reflects historically grown social, technological, and medical developments and influences. Not only since the coronavirus pandemic have policy-makers, society and science been discussing the extent to which the health care system is capable of reacting flexibly and appropriately to social, technological, and medical developments. The ambition of all stakeholders in the health care system must always be to transfer the current state of science into practical action.

The scientific commission “Science in the Health Care System” is working on this set of issues in cooperation with the Center for Science Studies. The commission works complementarily with the German Research Foundation and the German Science Council.



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Dr. Kathrin Happe

Scientific officer, Deputy Head of Department Science – Policy – Society

Phone 0345 47 239 - 862
Fax 0345 47 239 - 839
E-Mail kathrin.happe (at)leopoldina.org



Matthias Winkler

Scientific Officer, Department Science - Policy - Society

Phone 030 - 203 8997 - 424
Fax 030 - 203 8997 - 409
E-Mail matthias.winkler (at)leopoldina.org