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Working Groups

The Academy appoints working groups to develop statements and recommendations. Depending on the item, the Leopoldina cooperates with other academies, scientific institutions and international partners.

The statements are drawn up by independent experts before being presented to politicians and the general public. This gives decision-makers and stakeholders in politics and society a scientific grounding upon which to base discussions and policy measures. In addition to this, issues that are important for our future are identified and analysed, to show how science can help overcome future socio-political challenges.

The Leopoldina is able to make free and independent choices when appointing scientists to the working groups. The working groups are interdisciplinary and their results are subject to a peer review process before being published as a statement.



Elmar König

Head of Department Science – Policy – Society, Head of Berlin Office

Phone 030 - 203 8997 - 460
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E-Mail elmar.koenig @leopoldina.org