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Press Release | Saturday, 22. September 2012

The Leopoldina Senate confirms Ursula M. Staudinger as Vice-President and newly elects Sigmar Wittig to the Presidium

On September 21st, in the run-up to the Academy´s Annual Assembly in Berlin, the Leopoldina National Academy of Sciences´ Senate confirmed the psychologist Ursula M. Staudinger (Bremen) for a second term of office as Vice-President of the Leopoldina and elected the engineering scientist Professor Sigmar Wittig (Karlsruhe) as the new Secretary of Class I (Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Engineering). He replaces the physicist Professor Herbert Gleiter (Karlsruhe), who did not stand again as a candidate due to commitments resulting from foreign assignments.

Prof. Dr. Uusula M. Staudinger (born 1959) is the Founding Dean of the interdisciplinary Jacobs Center on Lifelong Learning and Institutional Development at Jacobs University and Vice-President of Jacobs University Bremen.  She has been a member of the Leopoldina in the Section “Psychology and Cognitive Sciences” since 2002 and Vice-President of the Academy since 2007.  

Prof. Dr. Sigmar Wittig (born 1940) serves as the Emeritus Professor at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Institute for Thermal Turbomachinery. Wittig has been a member of the Leopoldina in the Section “Engineering Sciences” since 1998; from 1998 to 2006 he served as the spokesperson and Senator for that Section.

The Leopoldina Presidium is currently composed as follows:  

Prof. Dr. Jörg Hacker, Microbiology, Halle (Saale)/Berlin

Prof. Dr. Gunnar Berg, Physicist, Halle (Saale)
Prof. Dr. Bärbel Friedrich, Micobiology, Berlin
Dr. Martin J. Lohse, Pharmacology, Würzburt
Prof. Dr. Ursula M. Staudinger, Psychologist, Bremen


Class 1 – Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Engineering
Prof.  Dr. Sigmar Wittig, Engineering Scientist, Karlsruhe

Class II – Life Sciences
Prof. Dr. Peter Propping, Human Geneticist, Bonn

Class III – Medicine
Prof. Dr. Philipp U. Heitz, Pathologist, Zürich

Class IV: Humanities, Social and Behavioural Sciences
Prof. Dr. Frank Rösler, Psychologist, Potsdam

Further Presidium Members
Prof. Dr. Helmut Schwarz, Chemist, Berlin
Prof. Dr. Georg Stingl, Dematologist, Vienna
Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Zenner, Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist, Oncologist, Tübingen

As stipulated in the Leopoldina Statutes, the Presidium consists of the President, four Vice-Presidents, four Secretaries and further members. All the members of the Presidium are elected by the Academy´s Senate. The President and the four Vice-Presidents make up the executive board as defined by law. Each of the Secretaries is assigned to one of the four Classes and is responsible for those respective areas of interest in matters before the Presidium. The different Classes provide the platform for the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas within the Academy.



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