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“Bioeconomy - Media and Science in Discourse”

“Bioeconomy - Media and Science in Discourse”

House of Commons debate 2019 on biodiversity in Halle (Saale). Photo: Christof Rieken for the Leopoldina

The three-day Journalist Collegium spotlights plant-based bioeconomy and offers potential solutions drawn from plant, agricultural and nutritional research to optimize crops and cultivation methods, organize agriculture more efficiently, and thereby secure food supplies for the world population in the future. Journalists will exchange views on these topics with scientists in research tours, lectures, and discussions and will be given an insider's view of their work on location.

Population growth and climate change will pose enormous challenges for agriculture in the coming decades. While growing conditions for farmers are becoming more difficult, global demand for food continues to rise. To feed the world's population in the long run while sustainably producing renewable raw materials for material and energetic use, a rethinking of economic activity and consumer behavior is necessary. Thus, bioeconomy affects a variety of different industries, the agricultural sector in particular.

The central format of the Leopoldina Journalist Collegium is the house of commons debate on opportunities, limits, and challenges of plant-based bioeconomy. In this science communication format, renowned researchers explain their positions in detail and discuss them with journalists and a specialist audience. All participants will then have the opportunity to clarify their opinions by choosing and changing seats accordingly.



Daniela Weber

Editor Newsletter and Project Manager, Science Course for Journalists

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