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What Is Artificial Intelligence Capable of and What Is It not?

What Is Artificial Intelligence Capable of and What Is It not?

Leopoldina Journalist Collegium 2017 on Genome Editing in Halle. Picture: Rieken

In this three-day seminar, science and media will engage in conversations, research tours, interviews and discussions. The research field of artificial intelligence is illuminated as a branch of computer science and its connection with other disciplines such as neurosciences, psychology, logic, linguistics, physiology as well as technical, material and engineering sciences, robotics and energy technology are outlined. In addition, technological fields of application of AI are explained.

The central format of the Leopoldina Journalist Collegium is a commons debate on the potential and the limits of technological change and its social implications. In this relatively new format of science communication, renowned researchers explain their positions in detail and discuss them with journalists and a specialist audience. All participants will then have the opportunity to clarify their opinions by choosing and changing seats accordingly.



Daniela Weber

Editor Newsletter and Project Manager, Science Course for Journalists

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