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The Leopoldina's corporate design maintains its ties to tradition by retaining established elements while at the same time adapting to the modern dictates of a national academy. Its appearance serves to present a uniform and recognizable visual image and will appear on all of Leopoldina´s communications media – including the stationery, all publications, and the website.

The basic components of the image are the registered word- and figurative mark with the seal, and the logotype “Leopoldina National Academy of Sciences“. The logo harks back to Leopoldina´s traditional seal and accentuates its heraldic constituent elements. Moved to the forefront they are presented more expressively.

The snakes serve to symbolize the founding of the academy by four physicians in 1652, while the book bears the Leopoldina motto: nunquam otiosus (never idle). The crowned and seated nobleman, as well as the crown with nine tines, trace back to the conferment of a royal charter by Emperor Leopold I. in 1687.

The typefaces Calibri and Georgia together with the colors blue (Pantone 541) and yellow (Pantone 125) are integral parts of the logo´s appearance. Calibri, a modern sans serif typeface, serves as the in-house font for letters and brochures. The font Georgia, which has been chosen for headings, looks similar to the Antiqua typeface used in the original seal. The blue and yellow mentioned above serve as the Leopoldina in-house colors. The color blue was chosen as the primary color while the marking color yellow dates back to the yellow that has been traditionally used at Leopoldina.

If you require a high-resolution version of the Leopoldina logo as an eps or jpg file, please send your inquiry to the e-mail address on the right.



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Assistant Press and Public Relations

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