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IAC/IAP Report: Responsible Conduct in the Global Research Enterprise (2012)

A Policy Report

Forging an international consensus on responsible conduct in the global research enterprise.


(2012, 62 pages, ISBN: 978 90 6984 645 3)

The contributions that scientific and scholarly research makes to economic growth, to improved health, and to addressing many other societal needs are widely appreciated around the world. As the Chinese Academy of Sciences has stated, “Science is a shared asset of humankind and serves its benefit” (CAS, 2007). Similarly, the Budapest World Science Forum (2011) notes that “more than ever before, the world will be shaped by science.”

A truly global research enterprise is emerging. More researchers are working than ever before in human history, and more research is being performed. In addition, more researchers are crossing national borders to pursue education and careers, and a growing proportion of research involves international collaboration. This global research enterprise requires that the universal values of science be embodied in global standards of behavior that are understood and followed by all. Humanity needs new knowledge more than ever to solve its problems, and it has placed its trust in the research enterprise to generate this knowledge. To maintain this trust, everyone involved with the research enterprise must do what is necessary to ensure the integrity of research.

Responsible Conduct in the Global Research Enterprise is a straightforward, practical, and integrated guide to the responsible conduct of research. It reflects several major trends that have been reshaping the research enterprise.


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