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IAP Statement: Response to the Report of the High Level Panel of Eminent Persons on the post-2015 development agenda (2013)


(2013, 2 pages)

IAP welcomes the report of the High Level Panel. Many of the world’s scientists, and IAP itself, have been working to help address the Millennium Development Goals, and the articulation of a coherent vision for the way forward, so that all sectors of international society – governments, businesses, academia and NGO’s – can work together.

The importance of science

There has been much discussion on the progress already made in accomplishing the 2015 MDGs and on what will be needed thereafter for sustainable development worldwide. Given the scientific and technical nature of many of the world’s most pressing issues, it is critically important that priority-setting and actions are based on sound science, taking multi-disciplinary and cross-sectoral approaches.


Dr. Christiane Diehl

Deputy Head International Academy Networks (IAP, EASAC)

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