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Improving Global Health (2017)

Strategies and Tools to Combat Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases

Statement of the G20 Science Academies

(2017, 4 pages)

Communicable (infectious) and non-communicable (non-infectious) diseases seriously endanger individual wellbeing and global health, and threaten the global economy. Strong short- and long-term evidence-based strategies are needed. The G20 Academies of Sciences call for (1) the strengthening of healthcare and public health systems, (2) applying existing and emerging knowledge, (3) addressing the broader social and environmental determinants of health, (4) reducing serious risk factors for disease through education and promotion of healthy life styles, (5) ensuring access to health resources globally, and (6) enhancing and extending robust strategies for surveillance and information-sharing. Furthering research is a prerequisite for providing knowledge and new tools to meet these challenges.


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