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Infectious Diseases and Antimicrobial Resistance: Threats and Necessary Actions (2015)

G7 Science Academies’ Statement 2015


(2015, 2 pages)

Emerging infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance seriously endanger individual and global health. A comprehensive strategy is needed to tackle health threats from infectious diseases – one that requires a much more visible political and public profile and a cross-sectoral approach, involving health, agriculture, development, economy and other policy areas.

The G7 Academies of Sciences call for:

  • (1) accelerating research and production of new antimicrobial agents, vaccines and diagnostics,
  • (2) prioritising the research agenda to fill knowledge gaps for key diseases,
  • (3) installing global surveillance programmes,
  • (4) raising awareness in society, and
  • (5) a coordinated rapid response in the face of major epidemics. Only then can the necessary resources be generated to ensure optimal prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for all.


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