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Nurturing Future Scientists (2016)

G-Science Academies Statement 2016


(2016, 3 pages)

The present-day society heavily relies upon science-based discovery, technology and policies. In light of this, nurturing future scientists is important for the development of society. Connecting scientists and society, and creating a diverse global workforce need to be promoted.

The G-Science Academies recommend the followings:

  • (1) Further promotion of science education for necessary capacities;
  • (2) Supporting young scientists for development of career in broader sectors;
  • (3) Implementation of scientists’ assessment based on quality and diverse activities;
  • (4) Prioritizing science communication to the public and children;
  • (5) Training scientists for science advice to policies;
  • (6) Improving working conditions of women and minority groups for career development;
  • (7) Developing science capacity and mutual mobility by collaboration of developed and developing countries; and
  • (8) Ensuring access to academic literatures and information, and opportunities of publication of research results.


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