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Position paper from the Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany on the European Science Cloud (2018)

(2018, 3 pages)

From the point of view of the science organizations in Germany, the EOSC has the potential to:

  • Support independent and self-directed research, particularly in termsof research data, in order to advance new methodologies and stimu-late innovation
  • To ensure the secure management of research data in such a way asto increase their FAIRness (Findability, Accessibility, Interoperabilityand Reusability)
  • To establish new and optimise existing discipline-specific and genericservices, standards and interfaces, in order to facilitate greater inter-disciplinary and international scientific collaboration
  • Further embed research data management as a fundamental aspect ofthe research lifecycle, also pinned to career enhancement
  • Augment existing infrastructures, whether national or international, asin the case of the planned national research data infrastructure inGermany (NFDI)

The Alliance of Science Organizations in Germany would generally support an EOSC that pursued these aims.


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