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The Development and Distribution of Vaccines against COVID-19 (2020)

IAP Communiqué

Published by The InterAcademy Partnership (IAP)

(2020, 2 pages)

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread in most countries around the globe, resulting in significant morbidity and mortality, as well as economic challenges to individuals and nations alike. This global pandemic of a serious, highly transmissible disease poses an ongoing threat for all. COVID-19 anywhere in the world presents risk of COVID-19 everywhere. While public health tools such as physical distancing, wearing of masks and proper hygiene, along with testing and tracing, have been shown to help control the spread, it is widely recognized that vaccines will be essential to our ability to control the current pandemic, protect against likely future outbreaks of COVID-19 and allow populations to return to their daily lives.




Dr. Christiane Diehl

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