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Science for Society

Society today is increasingly shaped by science. Reliable information on the current state of research is of utmost importance to assess its potentials and risks in a well-founded manner. The Leopoldina is therefore strongly committed to working with its various partners in Germany and abroad to present scientific findings in a comprehensible way and assess their social benefits responsibly.

Medicine and Health

Medicine and health are fundamental to human existence and have always been among the Leopoldina’s topics.

Life Sciences

Research into life and life processes is highly important, not just for scientific progress but for politics and society.


Germany plans to generate 80 percent of its energy production from renewable sources by the year 2050.

Demographics and Society

Demographic change, scientific and technological progress, and changing lifestyles have a profound effect on society.

Climate, nutrition and the environment

Research into climate and environmental changes are among the major global challenges of the future.

Science and Society

The effects of scientific findings on society, the ethical dimensions of research, and the prospect of future...

Culture and Behaviour

Society is the product of interaction between people. Lifelong learning and the integration of people...

History of Science

Science is not just a matter of theories – it is also an historical phenomenon. Without knowledge of its history...

Innovation and Technology

Unconventional ideas have often led to unexpected breakthroughs of unforeseeable scope.




Elmar König

Head of Department Science – Policy – Society, Head of Berlin Office

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