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Culture and Behaviour

Culture and Behaviour

Society is the product of interaction between people. Lifelong learning and the integration of people with an immigrant background are just two aspects of contemporary society where researchers can make important contributions to the public debate. In analysing these kinds of social issues, the Leopoldina draws on empirical models for cultural and social phenomena from the humanitarian, cultural, social and behavioural sciences.

Assessing the implications of new scientific findings

Scientific expertise is not just needed to solve social issues in which scientific and technical factors play an important role. Current research in disciplines dealing with cultural, social and political phenomena can also drive progress in solving fundamental questions relating to social cohesion, for example, or the relationship between politics and science in an information society.

Identifying research needs

Problems relating to social culture and behaviour are usually the result of gradual developments within society. It is therefore important to recognise and conduct research into relevant trends early on. This is only possible using a highly interdisciplinary approach. For example, a comprehensive approach to researching the social aspects of learning processes requires the participation not only of educational scientists, psychologists, and sociologists, but also of neuroscientists and economists.

Encouraging debate among policymakers and the public

Public debates on cultural and behavioural issues are often fuelled by opinions that have little scientific basis. The Leopoldina therefore presents its results to the public and hosts events that are specifically tailored to the target audience in order to convey the scientific perspective of the issue under discussion in the most effective way. These formats range from statements that directly address common yet scientifically unfounded views about topics such as demographic change, to podium discussions focusing, for example, on the core values of a democratic state in the age of sustainability.



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