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Climate, Nutrition and the Environment

Climate, Nutrition and the Environment

Research into climate and environmental changes and their direct and indirect effects on the livelihoods of the world's population are among the major global challenges of the future. How society can counter these changes in the future is the subject of various activities of the National Academy of Sciences.

Assessing the implications of new scientific findings

The classical process of converting biomass into bioenergy is caught in the tension triangle between climate protection, nutrition and sustainable land use. In the Leopoldina statement “Bioenergy: Opportunities and Limits” (publication date: July 2012), an interdisciplinary team of experts examines the sustainability of biomass use.

Identifying research needs

The new statement on the energetic use of biomass deals intensively with new ways of biomass conversion. It also outlines the most promising processes of biological production of hydrogen.

Encouraging debate among policymakers and the public

The topic of climate change is perceived by the public as a very complex, at times even contradictory topic. Is man-made climate change already detectable? How will the climate develop in the future? Is manipulating the climate a viable alternative? The Leopoldina is planning to release a statement offering answers to these and other pressing questions.



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