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Prof. Dr.

Dietmar Seyferth

Wahljahr: 1977
Sektion: Chemie
Stadt: Lexington, MA
Land: USA


Dietmar Seyferth is distinguished for his many contributions to organometallic chemistry. This research was carried out during the years 1957-2001 at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with special emphasis on studies on the preparation of new and known useful organolithium reagents; the organometallic chemistry of phosphorus ylides; the synthesis of halomethylmercury compounds and their utilization as halocarbene precursors; silacyclopropanes and silacyclopropene, strained and highly reactive cyclic organosilicon compounds; alkylidyne tricobalt nonacarbonyl cluster complexes; sulfur ligand-containing diiron hexacarbonyl complexes; organosilicon polymeric precursors for important silicon-containing ceramics. He played an important leadership role in the development of the literature of modern organometallic chemistry as a founding Regional Editor of the Journal of Organometallic Chemistry (1963-1981) and as founding Editor-in-Chief of the journal Organometallics (1982- ).




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