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Prof. Dr.

Thomas D. Seeley

Wahljahr: 2019
Sektion: Organismische und Evolutionäre Biologie
Stadt: Ithaca, NY
Land: USA


Major scientific interests: animal behavior, sociobiology, evolution, bees, swarm intelligence

The work of Thomas D. Seeley focuses on understanding the phenomenon of swarm intelligence (SI): the solving of cognitive problems by a group of individuals who pool their knowledge and process it through social interactions. Wherever there is collective decision-making – in democratic elections, committee meetings, and prediction markets – there is a potential for SI. To understand how a group is optimally structured to possess swarm intelligence, Seeley has investigated the mechanisms of SI in a natural system: the honey bee colony. A colony of honey bees is a model system for studying SI because it solves collectively a variety of cognitive problems and because its mechanisms of SI are amenable to experimental analysis.

Image: © 2017 Jan Michael




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