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Tackling the effects of climate change on health in the Mediterranean and surrounding regions (2021)

EASAC Workshop Report

(2021, 44 Seiten)

Climate change is already affecting human health, and projected changes in climate are expected to increase the burden on climatesensitive health outcomes by multiple direct and indirect pathways. There is significant variation between regions: areas with weaker health infrastructure will be least able to cope, but the climate crisis will affect everybody. The evidence base is still relatively fragmented and, until recently, policy-makers had tended to ignore this public health emergency.

This report is a summary of the proceedings of the workshop “Tackling the effects of climate change on health in the Mediterranean and surrounding regions” that focuses on key issues for compiling and assessing the evidence base. It includes assessments from the region and recommendations for policy-makers and the scientific community. To be relatively succinct, only selected literature is cited. Images were chosen from presentations to exemplify some of the strategic issues warranting further discussion within and beyond the region. In addition to collating material that may be useful for the EMME-CCI, this report will contribute to the final, global, report of the IAP project (augmenting AASSA and NASAC regional work in Asia and Africa) and from the EASAC perspective will help evaluate issues for EU policy, including the EU Neighbourhood Policy.


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