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Traditional Chinese Medicine (2019)


(2019, 5 Seiten)

The recent proposed revision by the World Health Organization (WHO) of the International Classification of Diseases coding tool (ICD-11) brings some important reforms for medical practice, for example for the classification of mental health disorders. However, the revision of ICD-11 also brings a major problem in adding a chapter on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

In this short Statement, with the objective to demonstrate the challenges raised for EU and national policy-makers and European health systems, EASAC and FEAM add their voices to those who have expressed concern about this ICD-11 reclassification to include diagnostic approaches that are not yet, and may never be, adequately validated according to established scientific and regulatory criteria. There is risk in misleading patients and doctors and in increasing pressures for reimbursement by public health systems at a time of limited resources.


Dr. Christiane Diehl

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