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Valuing dedicated storage in electricity grids (2017)

(2017, 51 Seiten, 4 Abbildungen, 2 Tabellen, ISBN: 78-3-8047-3729-7)

The focus of this report is on dedicated storage in electrical power systems: that is, ‘electricity in – electricity out’ of storage systems connected to electricity grids in the period 2017–2030. Longer-term options and non-dedicated energy storage (including heat, battery electric vehicles and power-to-gas) are also briefly discussed.

The report is intended for European Union (EU) policymakers, investors, and other stakeholders (including system operators, generators, and electricity users) who are engaged in policy debates on the future of EU electricity grids, notably those involved in discussions on the ‘Clean Energy for All Europeans’ package, which was proposed by the European Commission (EC) on 30 November 2016.

The report summarises the latest independent scientific evidence on the use of dedicated electricity storage in electricity grids, explains potential impacts on electricity markets of recent and expected developments in storage technologies, and highlights what could be done through electricity market design, energy policy and investment support to ensure that grid-connected storage is used effectively in the future. EASAC did not specifically address EU research policy or industry policy in its work for this report.


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