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The Art of Building Small

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Modell eines Einzelmolekülautos. Bild: Ben L. Feringa

Urkundenübergabe Klasse I Mathematik, Natur- und Technikwissenschaften

Leopoldina-Vorlesung von Chemie-Nobelpreisträger Prof. Dr. Ben L. Feringa

Datum: Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2023
Uhrzeit: 17:00 bis 19:30
Ort: Vortragssaal der Leopoldina, Jägerberg 1, 06108 Halle (Saale)

Exploring the current frontiers of chemical sciences, there is vast uncharted territory to experience the joy of discovery. Far beyond the design of nature, the creative power of synthetic chemistry provides unlimited opportunities to realize a molecular world, from drugs to displays. In the art of building small the fascinating field of molecular nanoscience is explored. Among the major challenges ahead in the design of complex artificial molecular systems is the control over dynamic functions and responsive far-from-equilibrium behaviour. A major goal is to gain control over translational and rotary motion.

Prof. Dr. Ben L. Feringa's ML lecture will focus on a journey into the world of molecular switches and motors. He was the first to develop a molecular motor. In 2016 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for "the design and synthesis of molecular machines" together with Jean-Pierre Sauvage and Fraser Stoddart.

ML = Mitglied der Leopoldina

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Die Veranstaltung richtet sich an alle Interessierten und findet auf Englisch statt. Eine Anmeldung ist erforderlich.

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