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  • Leopoldina news 02|2016

    Content: Tracking down memory ‒ Interview with Nobel laureate Eric Kandel ML about prions, the Aplysia sea slug and more, Lecture on 27 May in Berlin Further Topics: How much outside help...

  • Leopoldina news 01|2016

    Content: Overview of the coming year at the Leopoldina  ─ 2016: Intercultural dialogue in the spotlight at the Annual Assembly; second research summit; advice on handling security-relevant...

  • Leopoldina news 06|2015

    Content: Looking into living cells - Chemistry Nobel laureate Stefan Hell gives this year’s Leopoldina Christmas Lecture Further Topics: Healthcare for asylum seekers: Academies publish...

  • Leopoldina news 05|2015

    Content: Symmetry and Asymmetry in Science and Art ─ Leopoldina Annual Assembly focuses on an interdisciplinary topic The opportunities and limits of genome editing ─ How to approach a new...

  • Leopoldina news 04|2015

    Content: Symmetry and asymmetry in science and art. The Leopoldina 2015 Annual Assembly in Halle in september Detect – understand – treat? Class III symposium – MedicineHow are environment...

  • Leopoldina news 03|2015

    Content: G7 academies advise the summit. Statements on the future of the oceans, neglected tropical diseases and antimicrobial resistance are handed to Chancellor Angela Merkel Statement by...

  • Leopoldina news 02|2015

    Content: Science academies advise the G7 summit in Elmau on the future of the oceans, antibiotic resistance and tropical diseases Interview: “We must continue promoting our topics”,...

  • Leopoldina news 01|2015

    Content: Synthetic Biology ─ Leopoldina and Allensbach publish study about the formation of public opinion on new research fields Policy Advice – Academies present statement on palliative...

  • Leopoldina news 06|2014

    Content: Personalised medicine - Academies present statement on the opportunities and challenges of new treatments and diagnosis methods Weizsäcker Award goes to Ferdi Schüth – Chemist will...

  • Leopoldina news 05|2014

    Content: Sensory systems in biology and engineering - Leopoldina 2014 Annual Assembly Report on tomorrow’s life science – Leopoldina discusses the challenges of OMICSBrain-machine...



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