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72 Documents
  • Leopoldina news 3|2019


    Content: German national clean air strategy recommended: Leopoldina’s statement on nitrogen oxides and particulate matterFurther topics: Joint statements of the G7 science academies:...

  • Leopoldina news 2|2019

    Content: Looking to the future of the European Research Area: Leibniz Association and Leopoldina organise Forum Future Europe in BerlinFurther topics: Alliance of Science Organisations: 70...

  • Leopoldina news 1|2019

    Content: Deutscher Zukunftspreis goes to Helga Rübsamen-SchaeffFurther topics: Artificial intelligence Research Summit: Debate between scientists, politicians and economistsKorean Academy...

  • Leopoldina news 6|2018

    Content: 250th birthday of Alexander von Humboldt: Leopoldina honors famous member of the Academy Further topics: Statement: Privacy in times of digitalisationClass IV: Lecture on Empress...

  • Leopoldina news 5|2018

    Content: The Annual Assembly of the Leopoldina about 10 years National Academy of Sciences Further topics: Symposium of Class III: Microbiota as protection against pathogensYoung Academy...

  • Leopoldina news - Special Edition

    Special edition “10 Years German National Academy of Sciences” Central topics from ten years of science based policy adviceRetrospect of the appointment as National AcademyThe Leopoldina in...

  • Leopoldina news 3|2018

    Content: 10 Years German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina: Editorial by president Prof. Dr. Jörg Hacker Further topics: Leopoldina Symposium Brain Power for Sustainable...

  • Leopoldina news 02|2018

    Content: German Federal President visits the Leopoldina Further topics: Research Summit about innovation culture: In conversation with Andreas BarnerGerman Science Day in Iran paves the...

  • Leopoldina news 01|2018

    Inhalt: 10 years German National Academy of Sciences Further topics: Annual event of the Friends of the Leopoldina Academy on e-mobilitySouth Africa and Germany pool their expertise on...

  • Leopoldina news 06|2017

    Content: Climate change and raw materials Further Topics: Leopoldina’s Class IV presentation and symposium: trust in sciencePartnership with South Korean academyNew German-Russian roadmap...



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